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‘Frikly Memberships’, a step ahead of everyone - it’s a premium club only for Professionals like you. It is the place to gain access to the inaccessible, to discover rare finds, to be the first to receive news and offers for your chosen projects.
Frikly is a one-stop destination for everything a home needs and assists anyone, anywhere, to get the feel just like home.
Explore and purchase a variety of designs, and categories to suit your needs. We are bringing furniture, home decor, interior and renovation products from all across the world and getting them delivered to you and your clients.
Frikly Professionals members receive business-pricing, which lowers the price of millions of products, allowing professionals to scale back the budget of your projects.

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Wonderful Collection
Grab your favorites, that suit your taste from a vast array of options
Customized Services
Accelerate the process through our customized services.
Exclusive Coupons
Get your own promo codes to get exclusive discounts and rewards
Quick Delivery
Fasten the pace of your project with our quick delivery service.
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When you or your referral purchases any product on Frikly, you will receive amazing rewards which you can redeem to get access to curated products and services.
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Smart Tools exclusively designed for Professionals
Design Assistance
Get expert assistance in creating a brand, improving the overall display of your product to attract customers.
Tools for assisting project
With our smart tools, keep track of the latest prices and best selling products , create product lists and much more.
Combined Shipping
To simplify your delivery experience, combine your deliery services with our extensive shipping.
Work togethery
Access the same window and work simultaneously using the multiple IDs made for you and your team.
Our Investors
Our investors are the experts.
Velevet Sea Ventures
It is a multi-stage venture funding group that assists entrepreneurs in turning their dreams into a reality." Having over 80 years of experience, they have invested over $2 billion as founders and venture investors in Twitter, Facebook, SpaceX, Salesforce, Pinterest, and many more
Niraj Shah
CEO & Co-founder Wayfair
Niraj Shah is CEO, Co-founder & Co-chairman of Wayfair. Wayfair is one of the leading online retailers of home furnishings, housewares, and home renovation products across the world.
James Savarese
Former COO Of Wayfair
James was former Chief Operating Officer of Wayfair. James transformed Wayfair from a start-up to a Fortune 500 company with over 15000 people and $10 billion in revenue.
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