We inspire you to create spaces that reflect the essence of your personality.
Our houses are sacred spaces that provide us refuge from an excessively hectic world. That is why we genuinely believe that the more mindfully we decorate our houses with items we adore, the more love and comfort our homes will generate for us.
Sell on Frikly
Frikly is a one-stop destination for everything a home needs and assists anyone, anywhere, to get the feel just like home.
We are an online platform that sells furniture, home décor, home interior, and renovation products. We are redefining the way people shop for homes by using technology at our core, building a strong supply chain network and creating a strong customer base of architecture and interior designers. We are constantly working to provide people with the best product assortment in home and commercial spaces.

The four E’s of our ethics

We ensure to serve best and work for the happiness of our customers. To sum up our working mantras are.

Experts in furnish

Allow us to transform every corner of your house perfectly. We have experts that can help you with selection, sizing, and ideas whenever needed to make sure you pick the right items for your home.

Elegant selection

With Frikly's carefully picked selection, redefine the aura of your home and let it reflect your personality in each object. We provide the widest and most diversified range of products to fulfill all of your home requirements.

Efficient value

Your budget can not limit you from designing the ideal home. We are here to assist you in finding the perfect and the highest quality product that falls right within your budget.

Effortless experience

Get your favorite items delivered at your doorstep fast, on time, and in perfect condition as we provide a seamless experience to make it easy to shop for entire home adornment at one stop.

About Investors
Our Investors are the Experts.
Velevet Sea Ventures
It is a multi-stage venture funding group that assists entrepreneurs in turning their dreams into a reality." Having over 80 years of experience, they have invested over $2 billion as founders and venture investors in Twitter, Facebook, SpaceX, Salesforce, Pinterest, and many more
Niraj Shah

CEO and Co-founder Wayfair

Niraj Shah is CEO, Co-founder and Co-chairman of Wayfair. Wayfair is one of the leading online retailers of home furnishings, housewares, and home renovation products across the world.
James Savarese

Former COO Of Wayfair

James was former Chief Operating Officer of Wayfair. James transformed Wayfair from a start-up to a Fortune 500 company with over 15000 people and $10 billion in revenue.
Let's team up now!
We respect our partners and want to see them succeed. We are continuously looking for new partners who are passionate about changing the way people shop for their homes.
Why partner with us?
Along with a good team and a big dream, we put extra effort into making every nuance of your journey enjoyable!
Timely secure payment
Get your payments transmitted directly to your bank accounts every week.
Keeping your brand secure
Get your brand registered on our website to ensure 100% security of your brand.
Start with the small step
You don't need a big number of products to begin selling. You may easily begin with a few products.
Easy shipping
No need to be concerned about shipping; we've taken care of everything. Let us handle the delivery of your products.
Get orders across India
You don't need a big number of products to begin selling. you may easily begin with a few products.
Manage business on the go
Easily manage and track your company's growth rate, and discover how to grow quickly through our platform.
How it works?
Take your business to another level in just four simple steps.
Set up an account

All you'll need is your GST and a valid bank account to get your selling account registered.

List, store, and deliver

List your product and select the option of storage, packaging and shipping.

Keep an eye on sales and growth

On our single dashboard, available on the platform, you can easily track orders placed, market growth, and transaction details.

Get paid for your sales

Payments are safely paid to your bank account every 7 days once you become a Frikly partner, even for Pay on Delivery orders.

Frequently Asked Questions
Find out the answer to the most frequent queries about selling on Frikly.

No. Frikly, unlike other standard e-commerce stores, does not take a share of our partners' sales. We use the wholesale cost model, which indicates we pay our suppliers the wholesale cost of their items and establish the retail price.

You will receive your payment for the order directly in your account within 7 days of the delivery of your product.

Frikly will take care of it. We handle and cover the entire cost of shipping. When a buyer orders your product on our site, we will notify you to be ready for the shipment for pickup, and our logistics team will deliver it to the consumer. Your payment will be transferred directly to your account within 7 days.

Frikly's pricing can be changed based on current market trends and the algorithms we monitor. We continually keep a check on our competitors' prices to provide reasonable costs with fine quality.

Even if your products are produced to order, it is fine with us, and the only thing you have to do is give an exact time needed to produce the product. We want to ensure that we provide the correct delivery dates so that the customer understands when the goods will be delivered.

To ensure that your products stand out, invest in high-quality pictures and clear descriptions to help the buyers understand the product quality well. Also, with the help of the algorithms, we track our customers' behavior and interest, which helps us to ensure to display the most relevant product to our users.

We'll provide you with a dedicated onboarding team that sets you up for success. They are ready to assist you with the setup process and get your products live on the platform in as little as two days.

Our professional team is available to assist you at any time. We will guide you and keep you up to date on the most recent and trending products to help your product stand out. To further enhance your product's display, we can help you with photography, product names and descriptions.

What is stopping you to step forward?